5 x Nutrilon Standard 1 Infant formula – 800 grams.

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Breastfeeding is the best food for your baby. Nutrilon 1 is a complete infant formula based on milk, suitable from birth if not breast-fed or in combination with breastfeeding. Do you want to use Nutrilon 1? Talk to your health center or doctor

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5 x Nutrilon Standard 1 Infant formula – 800 grams

Nutritional values

Per 100 Milliliters.  nutrilon standard 1

Energy 276 kJ (66 kcal)Fat 3.4 gOf which saturated 1.5 gOf which mono-unsaturated 1.3 gOf which polyunsaturated 0.6 gCarbohydrates 7.3 gOf which sugars 7.2 gLactose 6.9 gFood fiber 0.6 gVitamin B3 / Niacin 0.52 mgVitamin B5 / Pantothenic acid 0.35 mgVitamin B6 / Pyridoxine 0.05 mgVitamin B11 / Folic acid 13 ?gVitamin B12 / Cyano-cobalamin 0.19 ?gVitamin H / Biotin 1.8 ?gVitamin C 9.5 mgSodium nutrilon babyfood infant

19.3 mgPotassium / Potassium 81 mgChloride 48 mgCalcium 54 mgPhosphorus 39 mgMagnesium 5 mgIron 0.6 mgZinc 0.54 mgCopper 0.045 mgManganese 0.008 mgSelenium 1.8 ?gIodine 0.014 mgSalt 0.05 gProteins 1.3 gCarnitine 1.5 mgCholine 12 mgVitamin B7 / Inositol 4.1 mgTaurine 5.7 mgNucleotide 3.2 mgLinoleic acid 453 mgAlpha-linolenic acid 83.2 mgArachidonic acid 11.3 mgDocosahexaenoic acid 10.4 mgGlucose 0.2 gWhey 0.7 gCasein 0.7 gVitamin A 49 ?gVitamin D 1.2 ?gVitamin E 1.1 mgVitamin K 5.5 ?gVitamin B1 / Thiamine 0.05 mgVitamin B2 / Riboflavin 0.12 mg    nutrilon

How to use?

1. Wash your hands and make sure the bottle and teat are clean. 2. Bring water to a boil. Allow the cooked water to cool to cold or hand-warm temperature (about 37 ° C) and pour the required amount into the bottle. 3. Loosely take the supplied scoop through the powder and iron it off on the scraper edge. 4. Add the correct number of measuring spoons to the water in the bottle.

5. Turn the cap on the bottle and gently shake until the powder is completely dissolved (± 30 seconds). 6. Check that the power supply is not too hot by dripping it on the inside of your wrist. Is the temperature good? Then you can give the bottle. 7. Dry the scoop and keep it on the inside of the lid. nutrilon olvarit nutricias baby food nutrilon standard 1

8. Press the hand on top of the lid so that the lid clicks shut. This keeps the powder fresh. ”Pay attention! – Prepared follow-up milk can not be kept for more than two hours outside the refrigerator. – You can not use leftover milk again. ” ‘Tip – Boiled water can be stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours after it has cooled down. Before use, you can heat the cooled water in the microwave or bottle warmer. – If you have a bottle of Nutrilon H.A. 2 immediately after cooking and put in the refrigerator, you can use this food for 24 hours. You can give the food cold or warm it up to 37 ° C before use. ”.nutrilon olvarit nutricias baby food nutrilon standard 1

nutrilon standard 1

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