AXA Ring lock Solid ART black


    AXA Solid ring lock

    It Solidis a strong ring lock with a steel housing. The lock bracket is made of hardened steel and is 8.5 mm thick. The ring lock has an extra wide opening of 58 mm, making it also suitable for bicycles with wide tires. The ring lock is easy to attach to any frame tube.

    The AXA Solid is a high quality frame lock with an extra wide opening to create more space for tire and mudguard.

    The Solid ring lock offers optimal safety with its anti drilling cylinder and hardened steel bracket. The ergonomic design of the push button and online key service offer you maximum comfort.

    The AXA Solid can be mounted in several different ways. Standard mounting procedure is the flexible fixing set that can be mounted on a variety of frame shapes, but also top bolt mounting is available.

    The ring lock has the colour black.

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