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Dasty Degreaser Classic contains a special raw material of which DASTY holds European exclusivity. It contains no solvents. Its action is based on a mixture of surfactants particularly effective on soil difficult to remove such as natural and mineral grease, dusts and pollutants from the external environment.

Multiple applications.
Powerful degreasing action.
Formulation without solvents.
Immediate perception of the quality.

Where and how to use
Dasty Degreaser Classic is the ideal detergent for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces of both home and away from the environment “home”. ideal on a type of mineral dirt (burnt oil, smog, etc.) and on the most varied types of surface (shutters, outdoor furniture in plastic or metal, grills, motorcycles, stains on fabrics, artificial plants, etc.) and as well as stain remover on collars and cuffs before the normal washing.

Do not use on materials consisting of polycarbonate (transparent plastic [Plexiglas] like helmet visors, headlights car/motorcycles, shower panels etc.)

The product must be sprayed directly onto the surface, if the dirt is persistent let it work for 4/5 minutes and then rinse.

N.B. For colored surfaces or materials you should first test them on a hidden spot for color fastness, in order to avoid unexpected discolorations, before using the product on the entire surface
For applications other than those specified use Dasty Degreaser Professional and for stainless steel surfaces use Dasty Inox Professional, avoiding to have to rinse and dry and saving time and effort.


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